The Ci.CLO team consists of artists, researchers and specialists, with different skills that complement each other to design and implement each project. The artistic direction of Ci.CLO is in the hands of Virgílio Ferreira, the production to Ana Cidade Guimarães, the production and communication to Marta Rocha, consultants Jayne Dyer and Krzysztof Candrowicz, while Joana Pestana is in charge of graphic design, Ricardo Mendes is responsible for web development and Marco Rocha printing.

We benefit from collaboration with artists, curators and invited specialists, namely Álvaro Domingues, Fátima Lambert, Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, Gil Penha-Lopes, João Lima, José Maia, Lydia Matthews, Manuela Ferreira, Pablo Berastégui, Pedro Leão Neto, Pedro Sena Nunes, Rita Castro Neves, Susana Lourenço Marques, Tiago Porteiro, Tim Clark.


Ci.CLO projects are undertaken in collaboration with several national and international public and private institutions, namely: Art Institute, Olho-de-gente Association (AOJE), Azorina - Azores Government, BPI | "la Caixa" Foundation, Évora City Council, Figueira da Foz City Council, Loulé City Council, Mértola City Council, Porto City Council, Setúbal City Council, Casa de Mouraz, Brotéria Cultural Center, Portuguese Center of Photography, Comboios de Portugal, Consipere, DaTerra, Portuguese Ministry of Culture, EDIA, British Embassy in Lisbon, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Lisbon, EPSON, Escola Artística Soares dos Reis, Escola Superior Artística do Porto, Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Porto, Flymedia, Fotofestiwal, Asia-Europe Foundation, Goethe Institut, Instituto de Saúde Pública da Universidade do Porto, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Jaime Loureiro & Filhos, Lumen, Metro do Porto, MIRA FORUM, Douro Museum, Luz Museum, Ocean Cargo Care, PHotoESPAÑA, P3, Salut au Monde, Tecco, Tesa, Triennial of Photography Hamburg, University of Porto, Visual Spaces of Change, Yoga Sobre o Porto.