Bienal'19 Fotografia do Porto

Adaptation and Transition

How can we contribute to transitioning towards a better adapted and more sustainable society? How can thought and artistic practices creatively expand discourse around these issues and translate thinking into action? Adaptation and Transition, the title of the first Ci.CLO Bienal Fotografia do Porto, suggests a dialogic relationship within the current context marked by social and environmental crisis. Being both a constructive and destructive force, we are drastically shifting the structure of our planet. It is an unavoidable challenge to adapt to a changing and increasingly uncontrollable environment, where all forms of life negotiate their survival. Adapting to transition is already an inevitability. Accepting and embarking on this transition is an opportunity for us to act. It is a matter of urgency to discover other ways of living in and interpreting the world. To continue on this evolutionary journey of adaptation and transition it is critical we reorganize our knowledge and perceptions, and explore new interactions and daily practices, to create symbiotic relationships between humans, other living beings and the earth. That is, establish alternative social, political and economic values that are ecologically sustainable.



Ci.CLO offers a programme of workshops interconnected with the core theme of the Bienal. The programme, based on the 'training-creation-action' model, considers what constitutes an art practice with social and environmental concern, and is intended as a crucial contribution to recognize the arts as proactive in raising awareness about social action in relation to sustainability. Workshops led by artists and educators and available to the general public are designed to promote collective civic engagement.

Design and Coordination: Manuela Ferreira, Tiago Porteiro e Virgílio Ferreira.

Immersion in the Landscape - Walking, Stopping, Observing

Manuela Ferreira, Tiago Porteiro and Virgílio Ferreira

Artistic residency in partnership with Paredes de Coura City Council

Key-points | “Walking, even if it is not the physical construction of a space, implies a transformation of the place and its meanings. The physical presence of man in an unmapped space (...) is a form of landscape transformation that, while leaving no tangible signs, culturally modifies the meaning of space and, consequently, the space itself, transforming it into a place ... an action that is simultaneously a perceptive act and a creative act, while also being the reading and writing of the territory!” (CARERI, 2013: 51).

This journey invites us to take an existential, ethical and aesthetic adventure through an immersive experience in nature and in the rural world, capable of inducing another awareness and acuity in how we see.

Objectives | Participating photographers are challenged to photographically map the Protected Landscape of Corno de Bico. The singularities of this territory will be uncovered on foot.
Performance protocols will be explored while the walk is underway. The experience shall include time where the group walks together and moments where participants individually drift away, time for sharing within the group and also exchanges open to members of the community who want to join in.

Participants: Students, self-taught, activists, profissional photographers and from other artistic areas - who pretend to develop new competences and add new perspectives to their personal work. Candidates must be over 18 years of age.

Local: Paisagem Protegida Corno do Bico

Dates: from 23th to 28th June

Applications: maximum 12. Pre-selection is made through the sending of a letter of intent or a portfolio with 5 to 10 images (1250 pixels biggest side) and a biography. Please send a Zip folder (named with first and last name) with the images and biography to the following email: geral@ciclo-bienal.org (until 20th june).

Price: Students | 45€; General public | 60€

Notes: Accomodation included at Educação e Interpretação Ambiental da Paisagem Protegida do Corno de Bico Center (http://www.cornodebico.pt/portal/).

Each participant must ensure their own transportation, part of the food which will be served at the canteen Center (with reduced prices in partnership with Paredes de Coura City-Hall), as well as use their own equipment.

The residence will be lectured in Portuguese and English.

Discovery and Experiences in the Natural World that Surrounds Us: from Macro to Micro

Cédric Pedrosa, Joana Guedes e Rita Cirne

Key-points | Forest School is an educational approach that defends the relationship with nature as a space for adventure, discovery and creation where learning is developed in a holistic manner.

Objectives | Families are invited to go on several guided walks in the Parque da Cidade to stimulate looking closer at and paying attention to nature.

Focusing and blurring how we look at nature and letting ourselves be dazzled by the detail of each element discovered is the starting point to collect small treasures that will result in the aesthetic compositions of natural elements.

The sharing of experiences aims to reflect on and promote life in its relationship with nature, discovering its logic and developing learning.

Participants | All the family

Families | 4€ for each family element
Students | 6€
General Public | 8€

Maximum 17 participants. Selection made by order of registration.
The workshop will be lectured in Portuguese.

(Meeting point: Parking lot (GPS: 41.170485, -8.678876)
June 16, 10:00am - 01:00pm


Rita Castro Neves e Daniel Moreira

Key-points | This duo of artists of humanimal exhibition is a starting point for their workshop where a poetic, recreational, experience-based and utopian universe is inspired by the relationship between humans and animals. The program seeks to look again at the misaligned separation that exists between us and the world.

Objectives | Participants will be invited to discover the Palácio de Cristal garden, observing and collecting natural elements (leaves, branches, stones ...) that will be used in drawings and performance. These materials will give rise to humanimal characters that will be photographed. These new, invented beings that are born from the interception of human, animal and plant, trigger reflections on how we see things and provide a representation of the relationship between our condition and animal nature, which is simultaneously close and distant.

Participants | All the family

Price | Families: 4€ for each family elemens; students: 6€; general public: 8€

Maximum 16 participants. Pre-selection made by order of registration.

The workshop will be lectured in Portuguese.

June 22, 10:00am - 01:00pm

From Visual Inquiry to Manifest

Marta Wengorovius

Key-points | A box with 17 coloured pencils, each one with an inscribed word and with instructions for use (among others, body, community, animal, silence, nature) are the drivers for the Visual Inquiry to trigger action (ONE). What space does the word trigger and occupy in me? Awakening another sensitive state conducive to creation (install the engine) then in complicity with another partner (TWO) the previously created material is expanded. What dialogue does the word now produce? Through previous experiences and by association, the group (MANY) will be invited to make a graphic creation (collage) of a manifesto. What needs attention in the world? Answers will be publicly displayed.

Objectives | Visual Inquiry is structured in three distinct relationships - the individual, the pair and the community in its multiple declinations. Participants will have the opportunity to graphically explore ideas, questions and thoughts in the form of a manifesto.

Participants | All the family

Price | Families: 4€ for each family member; students: 6€; general public: 8€

Maximum 17 participants. Pre-selection made by order of registration.

The workshop will be lectured in Portuguese.

June 30
10:00am - 01:00pm / 02:30pm - 05:00pm

The Future I Want

Alberto Giuliani

Key-points | What if the world will end tomorrow? Every participant will be able to choose an escape among the solutions offered by the work SURVIVING HUMANITY.

Objectives | In a short (web usage) video, each participant will give a message explaining what destiny they would choose and why. Every video will end with a “call for action” like: And you what would you choose?

The spirit of the campaign instigates people to reflect on what we can do to provoke people to care about what we have and what we could lose.

Participants | Students, self-taught, activists, profissional photographers and from other artistic areas. Candidates must be over 18 years of age.

Biography | Alberto Giuliani has received the most important international awards. His written stories have been published by Vanity Fair, La Repubblica, Stern among others. He has realized documentary videos for big international companies and NGO’s campaigns. He teaches storytelling at the Rossellini School of film in Rome. Giuliani’s photographic books include Malacarne – Married to the Mob (ed. EDEL) and Nextonothing (ed. Logos). His first romance “Gli Immortali” (ed. Il Saggiatore) will be presented in May 2019 at the International Book Fair in Turin.

Price | Students: 20€; general public: 25€

Maximum 20 participants.

The workshop will be lectured in English.

May 17
10:00am - 6:00pm (with lunch break)

Future Scenarios: How to Photograph Climate Change

Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond-Skeaping

Key-points | Can we photograph climate change? In this workshop artists will discuss the history of photography and climate change, the shifting cultural meaning of nature and its relation to art and photography, the concepts of the Anthropocene, ecology without nature, first and second nature and queer ecology. They will also consider post-colonialism, modes of decolonisation, slow violence, environmental racism and climate justice, how to collaborate with researchers and artists, how to work in the field, the importance of research, and ways to struture a project.

Objectives | The participants will have the opportunity to undertake several exercises where they can speculate about possible narratives about future scenarios inspired in images that each of them wiil bring and share. The workshop will close with a discussion about the power of narrative and how it shapes our future.

Participants | Students, self-taught, activists, profissional photographers and from other artistic areas. Candidates must be over 18 years of age.

Biography: Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond-Skeaping are a Polish-British artist collaboration working with a combination of documentary photography, documentary and narrative film, virtual reality, installation and research. They began their collaboration in 2012, after undertaking a field trip together to China. Since this time they have worked on long-term documentary narrative projects relating to climate change and the Anthropocene that are global in focus.

Minimum 15 participants. Maximum 20 participants.

Each participant should use their own equipment.

The workshop will be lectured in English.

Price | students: 20€; general public: 25€

May 19
09:00am - 12:00pm ; 01:00pm - 05:00pm

What We Do Matters! A Visual Campaign for Our Planet - And Us!

Constanze Flamme

Key-points | At a local school the artist and a group of students will design and create together an activist campaign that alerts us to climate changes/ global warming.

Objectives | Using a reflection-action methodology, the participants will have the opportunity to explore different mediums – photography, storytelling, writing and vídeo.

Participants | 20 students plus accompanying teacher(s).

Biography | Constanze Flamme is a photographer and visual artist based in Berlin. Interested in the poetic friction of subliminal undertones tunablenesses she uses an essayistic approach to encircle topics on socio-economical and environmental aspects of society. Her work explores the space between the factual and the metaphorical, the mundane and the political and meanders between documentary framework and pictorial condensation. She studied Visual Communication at FH Potsdam and Photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and received grants from the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, ifa Stuttgart and VG Bildkunst, Bonn. Her work has been exhibited in Berlin and internationally.

Maximum 20 students plus accompanying teacher(s).

The workshop will be lectured in English.

May 21
09:30am - 12:30pm (if necessary, also during the afternoon between 02:30pm and 04:30pm)

Exterior Signs of Gentrification

Álvaro Domingues

Key-points | Concept of gentrification - historical perspective and different signs of the process of gentrification of the city of Porto.

Objectives | The starting point of the workshop shares information about the gentrification of the city of Porto, is followed by fieldwork activity carried out by the participants and culminates in the presentation and discussion of the work undertaken.

Participants | Photographers, architects, geographers and urbanists that have any relation with photography; students in this field.

Price | students 15€; general public 20€.

Maximum 20 participants.

Each participant should use their own equipment.

The workshop will be lectured in Portuguese and English.

June 1
10:00am - 6h00pm (with lunch break)


June 8, 03:00pm, Almeida Garrett Library Auditorium at Cristal Palace Gardens

The 2019 Bienal curatorial proposal Adaptation and Transition considers the role of artistic practices as a resource to stimulate awareness and develop strategies for sustainability.

The Creative Responses to Sustainability - Portugal Green Guide 2019 publication, commissioned and published by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) developed in partnership with Ci.CLO Platform of Photography, maps Portuguese artistic initiatives committed to social and environmental issues.

The symposium brings together artists, curators and researchers to discuss issues related to the themes of the CICLO Bienal Fotografia do Porto. Virgílio Ferreira, artistic director of Ci.CLO Bienal and coordinator of the publication; Valentina Riccardi, senior project manager, culture department, Asia-Europe Foundation; project researchers: Gil Penha-Lopes, activist and researcher at the faculty of Sciences University of Lisbon University; Nancy Duxbury, researcher at the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra; Ana Carvalho coordinator of the guide mapping; Jayne Dyer, artist and researcher, and guest speaker Tim Clark curator and editor of 1000 Words Photography Magazine based in London.

In order to stimulate other perspectives on the contents and ideas presented by the speakers, a group of guests, who occupy the place of the audience, is invited to comment, interpellated and promote the discussion, which is open to all audience.

Green Guide

The Creative Responses to Sustainability – Portugal Green Guide 2019 publication, commissioned and published by the Asia-Europe Foundation developed in partnership with Ci.CLO Platform of Photography, maps Portuguese artistic initiatives committed to social and environmental issues. A Green Guide, published for the first time in Europe, will present innovative arts organizations that undertake activities underpinned by addressing environmental and social sustainability. The Guide provides an overview of the impact of this work that aims to stimulate collaboration and discussion among a broad audience, including cultural, business, social, government, environmental, and community sectors.

Creative responses to Sustainability – Portugal Green Guide 2019 is the 6th in this series of Green Guides commissioned and published by the ASEF Asia-Europe Foundation.

The edition will be available in ASEF arts portal culture360.ASEF.org and will be downloadable for free as the previous Green Guides about Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, Australia, and the city of Berlin.

The launch of the edition will took place at 3pm, June 8 2019, at Almeida Garrett Library Auditorium, during the symposium of Bienal'19 Fotografia do Porto.

Concerts Solilóquios

Solilóquios is an independent series of solo performances, integrating some of the most creative artists in the field of improvised music.

  • Luis Bittencourt
  • Pierre Bastien
  • Rodrigo Amado


The Bienal brings together a group of curators, artists, researchers and technicians.

Artistic Director Virgílio Ferreira
Curators Krzysztof Candrowicz, Emma Bowkett, Eduarda Neves, José Maia, Susana Lourenço Marques, Diogo Bento, Pablo Berástegui Lozano, Pedro Leão Neto, Miguel Paiva, Luísa Fragoso
Artists Alberto Giuliani, Ana Miriam, Antónia Nascimento, André Coelho, Artur Neto, Artur Urbanski & Ewa Ciechanowska, Camila Zminko, Carla Maciel, Catarina Carneiro, Cláudio Reis, Claudius Schulze, Chana de Moura, Constanze Flamme, Daniel Moreira & Rita Castro Neves, Diana Carvalho, Dinis Santos, Diogo Bento, Duae Collective, Edson Chagas, Eduardo Silva, Gonçalo Almeida, Hélder Sousa, Inês Taveira, Jayne Dyer, João Gigante, Jion Kim e Artur Leão, João Paulo Lima, Katrin Koenning, Kovi Konowiecki, Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond-Skeaping, Leonardo Motta Campos, Lisa Hoffmann, Lien Botha, Lucas Foglia, Mandy Barker, Maria Oliveira, Marta Ferreira, Martin Errichiello & Filippo Menichetti, Miguel Refresco, Nahir Capelo, Raquel Nunes, Nicole Tsangaris, Sarker Protick, Sérgio Leitão, Sérgio Rolando, Sofia Augusto
Project Management Ana Carvalho
Accountant Alcide Pestana
Production Ana Cidade Guimarães and Daniela Ferreira
Consultants Krzysztof Candrowicz, Jayne Dyer, Maria do Carmo Serén, Manuela Ferreira and Tiago Porteiro
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Communication Guilherme Pinto dos Santos
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Design and Coordination Workshops Manuela Ferreira, Tiago Porteiro e Virgílio Ferreira
Trainers Workshops Alberto Giuliani, Álvaro Domingues, Cédric Pedrosa, Joana Guedes e Rita Cirne, Constanze Flamme, Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond, Manuela Ferreira, Tiago Porteiro e Virgílio Ferreira, Marta Wengorovius, Rita Castro Neves e Daniel Moreira
Production Support Beatriz Frutuoso
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