Camila Zminko, Paisagens Plastificadas.

EXHIBITIONS > Develop-/Involve-(ment)

Curators: António Rodrigues, Luísa Fragoso, Miguel Paiva
Artists: Camila Zminko, Catarina Carneiro, Gonçalo Almeida, Inês Taveira

(Des)Envolvimento [Develop-/Involve-(ment)] is a result of Ci.CLO’s partnership with the Audiovisual Communication Course of Soares dos Reis Art School (CCAudiovisual | EASR). Four final year students from the Photography Specialisation course were challenged to work on the Adaptation and Transition theme, exploring space and time, and giving free rein to their creation, their thoughts and their concerns.

They work on the territory, the environment, on awareness and memory, in a constant adaptation and transition that is characteristic of their age and will.

They question the world in which they grew up, in which they live and the one they want to build.

Rua de Entre Quintas, 219, 4050-240 Porto
+351 226057000
Mon > Fri 09:00am -05:00pm

Camila Zminko, Paisagens Plastificadas.