Kovi Konowiecki, The Hawks Come Up Before the Sun.

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Kovi Konowiecki

Curators: Pablo Berástegui Lozano and Kovi Konowiecki

For his first solo exhibition in Europe, Kovi Konowiecki will show a selection of images (23) assembled from the series The Hawks Come Up Before the Sun and its second chapter named Driftwood. Both series were taken in the same area -along a period of three years, between 2016 and 2018- in the western side of the California desert.

As he explains in the introductory text of his first series “the right to capture the subjects in many of these photographs was given in exchange for a pack of cigarettes or a liter of soda from the local Country Mart liquor store”. He was drawn back again and again to a place that captured him both for its vast openness and the way its dwellers live their life in communion with their land. Becoming specially close to those to be known as the “black eyes”. When trying to understand this attraction, nothing better than his own words: “Perhaps it was the geography—the feeling of vast openness after all my city years. Or maybe it was the people that seem to care about nothing except for what is directly in front of them—the ability to fit every serious thing into so much less. Or maybe it was the conversation between the people and the land—how they spoke to each other about freedom and hope. It is a language that I waited too late in life to learn”.

In the second chapter, Driftwood, all shot in black and white, he continues depicting “people that, for the most part, live isolated lives that are guided by the legends of the glowing moon and the path of the fading sun”. The passing of time, the light, becomes an important subject of these images.

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Tue > Sat 02:00pm - 07:00pm

Kovi Konowiecki, The Hawks Come Up Before the Sun.