EXHIBITIONS > Light, Blaze, Fulgor - Auguries for a Non-Hierarchical Framing and Flourishing

Sílvia das Fadas - projected performance

Stubbornly looking at the ruins of a commune I search for augurs. For instance: “Fair weather for drifters.” I wander by foot across times, erratically shooting images and recording sounds through the kaleidoscopic spatiality of Alentejo, a Portuguese region named after a river, beyond a river. As walking offers unexpected encounters and co-presences, missives are sent to and from the margins. For instance: “growing organs for the alternative.” My senses are partial, precarious and fragmentary, but not my orientation: There is an everyday struggle for the fulgor being fought and I want to be in it. Against a firmament of dispossession of land, bodies and social bonds, we are getting ready. For instance: “On the level!” The fulgor is mobile, the prefigured community dispersed and diverse. Through dissent and associations of affinity, autonomy and re-enchantment, the offer of cinema could be to let us flourish on non-hierarchical frames.

16mm film and text by Sílvia das Fadas
Compositions by pä (pä 2015/2018 volume one)
Duration: circa 40 min.

June 15, 06:00pm
Entrance by Rua do Comércio nr. 173