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Curator: Pedro Leão Neto

The cultural dinamization programme here presented arises from the collaboration between the Visual Spaces of Change (VSC) project and Bienal de Fotografia do Porto Ciclo ’19. This collaboration is crystallized through the operationalization of a curatorial project associated with a set of activities that combine the universes of photography and editorial in two complementary strands: (i) The exhibition of Contemporary Photography Projects (CPP) communicated through the projection of video and photography in various public spaces of collective use located in Porto’s Metropolitan Area (AMP), and (ii) Showcase of alternative publications for the dissemination of authors and works that focus particularly on Photography whose subject is Architecture, City and Territory.

This programme will be implemented in several public spaces of collective use, seeking to generate a dynamic of interaction with exhibitions and cultural organizations, professional associations, universities and other alternative spaces of artistic production. During the official period of Bienal de Fotografia do Porto Ciclo ’19, we highlight the exhibitions in São Bento and Aliados Metro Stations, as well as the exhibitions in Ordem dos Arquitectos and Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett. The material that will be presented to the public throught the contemporary photography projects exhibited in these spaces constitute ‘visual narratives’ that intentionally interfere with the territory, provoking real and virtual encounters between constrasting landscapes of AMP, offering new angles and perspectives about this territory that arouse a new look on the cultural, environmental and architectonical patrimony.

Clareira - Ana Miriam

The set of images here presented constitutes a brief formulation of the outcome of a research project, that crystallized in a printed multiformat object, named Clareira. Starting from a phenomenological perspective, Clareira proposes a visual approach that intends to contribute to the representation of the architectonic space, as a place of experience. Thus the project stands out from approaches centered on the communication and interpretation of architectonic ideas, focusing on the material existence, the dynamics of use and the transformation of the work.

Déjà Vu, uma Lembrança do Presente - Leonardo Motta Campos (AoLeo)

Déjà vu, uma lembrança do presente surfaces as an adaptation of the poetry of Manoel de Barros, displaying the transition of time in bodies and places, to reveal its visuality through layers of significance.With the purpose of elaborating a contemporary poetic archaeology, the artistic project appropriates old postcards that showcase the city of Porto and uses them as temporal-imagetic layers, with the cartographic function that guides the meeting and the confrontation of forgotten and transformed places through the action of construction and reconstruction of the urban space.

Momento. Perceção - Representação - Sofia F. Augusto

The Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto was the chosen architectonic work for the conceptual and anthropological exploration of this essay, that seeks to portray the spaces of the school in its daily routine, as well as several dynamics of appropriation. As a work strategy, the photographic registry that is presented was made with the “corbusian idea of promenade architecturale” in mind, providing a continuous reading of the spaces, with successive moments, close to what could be a real experience of the course.

Fendas Intemporais - Jiôn Kiim & Artur Leão

Fendas intemporais parte da descoberta de uma ruína fabril e da vontade de a explorar através da fotografia, (re)inventando os seus espaços esquecidos que, conjugados com a luz e as marcas do tempo, definem um geniusloci particular. Um lugar que já perdeu a sua função original com sua arquitetura em ruína, Terrain Vague esquecido em busca de uma nova identidade e programa capaz de resignificar a sua história e memória, transformando este espaço através de um novo olhar sobre o seu lugar na cidade.

Ode - Edu Silva

Na região costeira do distrito do Porto, o turismo é actualmente um sector em expansão enquanto actividades como a pesca ou a apanha do sargaço estão em risco de desaparecimento. O surgimento destas novas dinâmicas alteraram a paisagem cultural da costa portuguesa, adaptando-a para este admirável e inócuo mundo novo, no qual já não há lugar para heróis e perigo. Tudo o que resta são os antigos contos sobre a costa portuguesa, histórias que ainda nos fazem sonhar acordados sobre um lugar que outrora foi o ponto de partida para a aventura.

Quinta da Conceição - Sérgio Rolando

How long does it take to represent a place?
Silence, the recollection of essential things and the attraction to a void, suspended in time and space.
The natural surroundings, nostalgic and poetic, summons the contemplation and dillutes the inner borders with the exterior, suggesting the repetition and an intimate relation with the detail.

Casa de Chá Boa Nova - Helder Sousa

The approach used here involves detailed attention to the building, its most singular characteristics, but also its most significant characteristic, the implementation. In the chosen points of view, we are able to understand that the shape of the object becomes indissociable of its implementation. Sometimes they’re more intimate, in an attempt to represent this building in a more isolated way from its context, to present its most distinct shapes. When the approach distances itself, we can see how its implementation is in line with the natural landscape to which it already belongs.

Piscina das Marés - Marta Ferreira

The images made are the registry of a space that’s in transition between the “natural” and the “artificial”, where the concrete meets the primitive rock of the location. Its “normal” non-state of use allows in closer shots to intensify that junction/transition of the “artificial” with the “natural”, of the architect’s design, marked by the use of concrete, with the “primitive design” of the rocks. In wider shots the pools become “camouflaged”.

The proposed activities within the framework of this partnership are oriented to an understanding of the interrelation processes between Architecture, Art and Image, identifying the articulation points of the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of these universes. The photographic projects that we intend to install in several public spaces of collective use in the context of temporary exhibitions constitute authorial objects through which we intend to amplify the universe of debate around the intersection of issues transversal to the themes of VSC and Bienal de Fotografia do Porto Ciclo ’19. Thus, this project seeks to explore how the photographic medium can align artistic practice and academic investigation, while at the same time positioning itself critically in face of these universes. The proposed strategy to promote this approximation seeks to explore the potential of the photographic image as a critical and inquisitive instrument used to fortify and expand communication and interaction capabilities between agents involved in artistic, cultural and artistic processes.

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