OPEN CALL «Vivificar»

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Four grants are available to artists living and/or born in the Douro region who work in one of the disciplines of photography, new media or architecture to develop projects within the framework of the Vivificar project. 

Vivificar is an immersive and transdisciplinary project located in the Douro region of Portugal. The project promotes participatory strategies for the creation and exhibition of community-specific artworks, enabling Portuguese and Norwegian artists to undertake residencies and engage with local communities. 

Vivificar is organized and produced by Ci.CLO, funded by EEA Grants and operated by the Portuguese Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage with the Directorate-General for Arts as a program partner. Vivificar is co-financed by the Douro Museum Foundation, Alijó City Council, Lamego City Council, Mêda City Council and Torre de Moncorvo City Council, with the patronage of BPI and the “la Caixa” Foundation, and in partnership with Surnadal Billag A/S (Norway) and the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro.

- € 3.000 fee to artists to develop the project in the context of the Vivificar framework
- An Artist residency in one of the 4 partner municipalities (Alijó, Lamego, Mêda or Torre de Moncorvo) for 6 weeks (includes accommodation, work space, meals and travel allowances)
- Advice during the development of the artistic projects by Gabriela Vaz Pinheiro, artist, researcher and university professor; Jayne Dyer, Australian artist, art critic and academic; Jon Arne Mogstad, artistic director of Surnadal Billag; and Virgílio Ferreira, artistic director of Ci.CLO and the Vivificar project.
- Production and assembly of an exhibition in the municipality (needs assessed in consultation with Ci.CLO)
- Collective exhibition at the Douro Museum, with a selection of works of the 12 participating artists
- Collective exhibition at the Surnadal Billag, Norway, with a selection of works of the 12 participating artists
- Publication of the Vivificar catalogue

Artists living or born in Douro Demarcated Region

- Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, artist, researcher and professor
- Jayne Dyer, Australian artist, arts writer and academic
- Virgílio Ferreira, artistic director at Ci.CLO and Vivificar

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Convocatoria_cartaz_v06_poster (1).jpg