This project is a reflection on a particular community and landscape and on how they interact in space and time. 

The installation and film reflect on the centuries of human presence and the current efforts of Mertola’s community to help restore social and ecological balance in the area. 

The film is told from the perspective of the land. Set in 2121, it is presented as a story from the future firmly rooted in our present and describes extractivist practices deeply ingrained in our society and regenerative approaches like syntropic agriculture, reforestation, local food production, education programs based on active participation, and shows how the whole community can be proactively engaged in the process. 


Related initiative: Agroecological transition

Tackling climate change using syntropic agriculture

In Mértola, climate change is a close reality: the municipality has been struggling with extreme drought for three years. The adaptation to this scenario of severe water scarcity is based on tests for an agroecological transition, through the planning and implementation of a Demonstrative and Experimental Park in the Perimeter Forest of Mertola.

In this context, the implementation of syntropic agriculture techniques stands out. It is based on the creation of a stratified system in which the forest mixes with agriculture and the soil protected by the shade of the larger trees allows the growth of the various species. This technique enhances the regeneration of soils, which become more humid, and promotes the absorption of water from the atmosphere.

The implementation of a Local Food Network is underway simultaneously, which aims at a more sustainable food future based on the consumption of local products. There is already a network of local horticultural and fruit producers based on agro-ecological practices.

In terms of raising awareness and involving the community, pedagogical and practical actions have been developed, including the elementary school, with the creation of five syntropic gardens.

Work developed under the Sustentar program, with the support of the Municipality of Mertola.