Full of Light is a visual exploration of POCITYF, an experimental initiative in Evora that integrates systems designed to capture sunlight to create an energetically self-sustainable city.

This initiative showcases a museum-city becoming a smart-city that adapts itself to the challenges of the present and anticipates future ecological and socio-economic needs.

The images manifest sunlight, they appropriate the optical phenomena of absorption and reflection; interacting with matter, fading a surface or enlightening a space.


Related initiative: POCITYF - Positive Energy Blocks

Building a self-sustaining and environmentally friendly city

POCITYF is a smart city-oriented project that foresees the integration of innovative energy systems to make them more self-sustainable and environmentally friendly. This project’s major goal is to deliver a set of Positive Energy Blocks – in a limited geographic area where average local renewable generation is greater than its consumption.

The Municipality of Évora is the designated Portuguese pilot city for this experimental project with potential for replication nationally and internationally. The Positive Energy Blocks project is intended to transform the urban fabric of the city, focusing on historically protected areas, and create more sustainable, healthy and accessible places.

Work developed under the Sustentar program, with the support of the Municipality of Evora.