The geopark is not just a site, but a multiplicity of sites. It contains a history of the Earth and the history of a unique territory — the Algarve. In it, we have the seaside, the barrocal and the mountains. They are all interconnected horizontally in a series of overlapping layers. As the menhirs point out, there is also a vertical direction, above and below the earth. Above, there are issues and paradigms such as agriculture, tourism, energy. Below, in the caves made by water inhabit bats and pseudoscorpions that are important to preserve.


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Protecting and valuing a 350 million year old history

The geodiversity of the aspiring Algarvensis Loulé-Silves-Albufeira Geopark dates back 350 million years, when the Algarve mountain range began to be “drawn”, marked by the gravavaks and the clay schist. But history is not only recorded on rocks: this territory has had human habitation inhabited since Prehistory, at least 20,000 years ago.

Against the background of the involvement of local communities, the Municipality of Loulé is committed to enhance this natural and cultural heritage. This project is designed to promote knowledge about the territory through the creation of synergies between cultural, environmental, social, scientific, educational and tourist activities, ensuring the conditions for sustainable development and solidly based on a green and socially balanced economy.

Work developed under the Sustentar program, with the support of the Municipality of Loule.