Today, Translucent depicts a moment of transition lived in Grito do Povo and Pescadores neighborhoods, located in Setubal.

These are ambiguous and expectant places, which are being redefined by new urban and social interventions. Today, Translucent portrays a discourse that starts from the inside out, and a dialogue on identity.

The images are presented as fragments, like objects under construction. They hold within themselves the tension that exists between openness and closure, responsiveness and hesitation.

An opaque and invisible yesterday is transformed into a translucent today; a symbol of transformation, light and clarity.


Setubal Preserves Grito do Povo and Pescadores neighborhoods

Minimizing social vulnerabilities while preserving identity and memories

Outside the city center and marked by unemployment and social exclusion, the districts of Grito do Povo (People’s Cry) and Pescadores (Fishermen) are home to around 580 families, mainly linked to fishing and the canning industry.

In order to minimize social vulnerabilities in these historic neighborhoods in the area of ​​the Anunciada, Setúbal Preserves has been initiated, a project that brings together a set of intervention strategies capable of enhancing the appropriation of public spaces by residents and the consequent construction of the neighborhoods' intergenerational identity and the preservation of its memories.

The creation of urban art routes are an example of valuing the place and its people, where history and culture go hand in hand. This and other interventions are just the beginning of a process of transforming neighborhoods and the quality of life of its residents - a first step in building spaces for the future.

Work developed under the Sustentar program, with the support of the Municipality of Setubal.